Guo Yeye talk about the weight of the search engine on the web to determine

Shanghai dragon book never bought, these are the clouds, Shanghai dragon details is the website construction technology, to talk about is how to make the site to cater to the superficial search engine standard. Shanghai dragon ER may not technology, but technology to study Shanghai dragon is very easy, a technique of Shanghai dragon ER is very useful. With the development of the search engine, the importance of Shanghai dragon has been the industry recognized, Shanghai dragon ER search engine optimization specialist has become the recruitment of people jobs, wages soared to more than 2000 yuan, the outstanding Shanghai dragon can even give up with the company, can only rely on commission to do good, Shanghai Dragon ER is strong up.

weight analysis

In fact, Google Google

domestic search engine love Shanghai alone, followed by Google, Google’s weight in the foreign trade of Shanghai dragon ER here is very significant, Shanghai also has the weight of love, for me this rookie Shanghai dragon is more rely on feeling, I am not an academic Shanghai dragon ER, today I come to share with you my opinion for weight. Let us talk about Google.

is still a very good use, but in castrated, there seems to be just passable if it were, too much interference, is definitely a good search engine than the love of Shanghai. I love Wuhan, Shanghai promotion website, has been a year and a half time, the domain name PR is 4, company’s official website domain name PR is 5. After a long time observation, found that the severity of the location of the Google PR weights are as follows: the home page, channel page, domain name, sub pages. The weight is the highest, followed by the channel page, because the channel page directly to the home page weight, then sub domain name, weight and home sub domain, channel page is independent, so the weight is generally not very high, is in the inside pages, which is the average weight of the article page, basically is 0. This can be reflected in the page is very simple, the search engine to K K, while the home channel page is not sub domain. Some ER said Shanghai Longfeng chain do a lot, half a year, the chain rose to tens of thousands of PR, do not move, in fact, is normal, the weight of the article page is 0, you do one hundred million one hundred and twenty thousand or 0, but this also depends on the quality of the chain, if you do in CCAV a dozens of pages, I see the weight is likely to rise. Do not know if you have not felt, if vigorously advertising website, the weight is also very high, because of the weight he put on the website itself is very high, here I want to say a few products, love Shanghai, general web site, they can play the role of weight transfer, especially the general web site, the price is very low love is the 1/10, Shanghai investment, the chain is very high quality products.

back to my website example, Wuhan love Shanghai to promote my website, PR is currently 4, this with my site outside the chain of high quality are inseparable; Bai Jie’s official website PR is 5, after examination, have not done any website optimization, PR so high a by the time, the two is on the website.

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