Love Shanghai social Q & a launch for website optimization is an opportunity or a challenge

enterprise web site chain optimization is an important part of link weight love Shanghai high know it was all very clear, but because of the audit through the difficult and artificial report, love Shanghai know the head of the answer is can achieve professional knowledge level, the Shanghai love into the new knowledge, is that we expect the early opening.

enterprise website as a new force in many websites, we are all in the search engine changes love Shanghai the world’s largest Chinese constant attention, love Shanghai new knowledge has been on the line but only have the invitation code can register, and not completely open, but the other social Q & a website know, the weight will be less than the love of Shanghai and Shanghai know love love of Shanghai products, but the function and the specific operation has yet to be tried.

love Shanghai new knowledge is not the only social question, is currently in public beta include knowing, Steamed Rice, which were followed by Quora. The rise of Quora depends on the desire for valuable information. At present the rise of Twitter and Facebook has very influential, very rich information, but users want to benefit from, you need to spend a period of time. Twitter only for a few interesting, while Quora is practical for most people. From the angle of analysis of launch love Shanghai new knowledge is undoubtedly more clearly, the user experience is still the main melody of love for the development of Shanghai, but also clearly tells us that these enterprise owners must package the user experience in the first place, to drill through the black hat search engine loopholes and vulnerabilities of behavior is not desirable the search engine, with the continuous improvement of these will be asking for trouble.

recently saw such a report, know love Shanghai announced that its head plate plate knowledge to stop the update, close the entrance. According to the insiders, the move is in order to launch a new social love Shanghai love Shanghai new knowledge products answer, relative knowledge of the head answer will be more professional and detailed, non love Shanghai know mass model, this plate may be integrated into the new knowledge. So think about our website search engine optimization in the face of these people living way.


analysis of Shanghai love social promotion QA products more strict in our work from the staff of a corporate website optimization perspective, always around the user is still the core of our work, but love Shanghai as a new type of quiz website, extensive participation has become inevitable, a to add our chain undoubtedly adds a good place to go. Anyway, love Shanghai as the major domestic search engine, its change for those of us against the personnel of the enterprise website optimization to dinner are worthy of attention, because it is our lifeline. The small station (www.hnruitaijx贵族宝贝) were prepared, what love can be reproduced.

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