Upgrade the mom system, resulting in some data errorHand taught you to do SP day earn 500 is not dif

2. terminal home do not put the swap chain advertising, that will shunt the amount of registration. Best, take Tingting chat room, shanghaicaida Fang Fang, Taiwan 18 adult cinema, midnight, pornographic and conventional terminal all show up, because tourists not interested in this or another interest. Visitors need to register the page, it is best not to put the exchange chain advertising back points, you can put the rebound in full screen show. Different pagination, switching, different exchange chain advertising display form. Also, when playing back, don’t all play movies like SP, can be Liang, ringtones, friends like SP. can also add software to download the CPA advertising pages, such as registration, registration of a download because someone you can earn 0. 3, and will not have an impact on your registration, and others click the exchange chain advertising, you earn 1.2~1.5 points. The rational use of traffic in order to create maximum revenue.

4. new test terminal transformation can prepare two stations, two registered SP, put on different templates, and then buy the same flow release their terminal, and then look at the second days of data, the comprehensive income who out of many, the use of the terminal. You can often see someone to exchange chain advertising templates, have the latest, with ZhengZhan download using.


3. at 10 in the evening to start testing data, first put 1000 points, 1.5 bid to see how much to submit, there is no registration, can continue to release points. Then adjust the control of 1.4 points bidding, to see whether the amount is still a lot, the normal release of traffic for 1. 4 bidding price. No monitoring, just put 1. 2~1. 3 bidding, release time of late 12 to 6 in the morning. Second days, 10 o’clock, ~11, 1. 5 points bidding, put off the flow. The exchange chain advertising settings are also important if you don’t write, you put 1. 5, the bidding is also very few people. Think in your own mind. What kind of ads do you want to be as a man?.

              at present, Ali mother’s customer service has to work overtime, actively deal with the problems, Ali mother customer service will step in and re liquidation to the wrong data for more advertising, advertisers will return to. Advertisers are recommended to inquire about these two days in the record, check whether there is data on the wrong situation, and if there is a problem, and actively contact Ali mother customer service, discuss refunds.


5. control flow cost has two aspects: first, the terminal direct conversion, two is rebound flow again use. Strive for direct transformation, etc.

1. note: space and domain name. In order to unnecessary trouble, if foreign space space domain, all false information, or with a foreign domain. The space to be stable and fast, does not limit the number of concurrent IIS, because the number of time to release traffic online very much, this is very important, because of their old beginning the space is not stable, one can access all of a sudden it, wasting a lot of points. Speed also affects the visitors, if slow people suddenly closed. Find another

            it is learned that Ali’s mother ad Union program in November 28th has undergone a major upgrade. During the upgrade, some of the data failed to be successfully upgraded, resulting in partial data errors. In November 27th, part of Ali’s mother’s advertisement appeared to have been deducted from the money, but the ad was only put on for a day.


do SP have a long time, always want what to write, too lazy to have no time, my friends asked me to teach him, today to write a method for him to want to succeed. Is dead, people are living, to use, to sum up the

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