This weekend you don’t feel embarrassed to say you’re a mixed investment without an examThe life of


sits with a legend,





painting makeup, polished leather shoes, pay attention to your speech and deportment

, this is an invitation letter for the investment circle high-end forum

heard that moment to get the ticket, a lot of people were excited, nervous and excited

resume ah, ah, students.

since the founding of the people’s Republic of the most exciting fund qualification examination

I’m not talking about reviewing,

they manage billions of assets, all-powerful, pointing

no, no, no,

around 6 in the morning due to the project and wake up wash open WeChat last night to a friend’s message, and then look at the recent financing reports and the latest project and some articles about 8 daze to sit on the subway, is always the first to come to the company, open the computer to check the progress of the project and by the way, modify the BP, then to introduce investors last night a friend sent mail in the past, after a few phone calls to friends, together what. At noon to eat a meal and rest, to take part in a business organization roadshow in the afternoon, by the way of understanding investors, most of the one thing every day do is to introduce their projects and others, WeChat collection up to the article is how to write a love of the investors see XXX BP how to impress investors for three minutes >

buddy, are you ready,


this may be more than any Forum gathered legendary big coffee, more than


whether the students or the Internet employment, have been the outlet of Internet to cheat, every day do not work well in the long-term study, 36kr, tiger sniffing, I horse, entrepreneur website development, every day will know idea, innovation and subversion, thinking of the Internet, users, data, investors, VC and so on. Personal name: the Internet entrepreneur, see what is the project feasibility is very strong, the need for financing, need to partner, Daniel, motionless head immersed in WeChat, claiming to be the founder of a technology company, with professional terminology used in a science and technology website learned to send a dynamic circle of friends, like let the whole world know it in the business.

another reliable message,


Hai Quan fund Hu Haiquan, Star VC’s Quan Ren


please go to the exam in formal attire,

Abstract: this Saturday April 23rd is an important day. When I heard of the admission ticket, a lot of people were excited, nervous and excited. This is a circle of high-end forum investment invitation, no, this may be more than any Forum gathered the legend of coffee are more, in this shabby classroom, sat a large coffee arena legendary figures, they manage billions of assets, all-powerful.

in this broken classroom,

, would you like to make an appointment with each other,

leave a message and tell me where you are at,

< >

Prime Minister Lee words can say so many college students to find a friend, overnight the birth of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, as if all people are feeling to today’s Internet and in 90s under the tide the same chances after 2015 called the winter capital of baptism, most entrepreneurs have the rational return.



now goes into the exam room

at the North tech test center

business cards, ah, comrades.

this Saturday April 23rd is an important day,

pretty much like this,


mostly do not want to work, do not want to be bullied by the leadership of the people, entrepreneurship has become a priority. How to say, he had nothing, no special people choose the Internet business is mostly a sin. In fact, entrepreneurship is still a disease, a wide range of communication, and so far there is no solution.


those star artists who enter the investment circle have to take the exam, too,

Xiaobian also want to take the exam, oh,


sitting next to you may be worth billions of dollars of industry leader

Internet entrepreneurs in the end what is a ghost, so far no one knows, but the Internet allows most people to experience the wind and bubbles of entrepreneurship. Chinese the earliest Internet business with the Internet was born, the martyrs of Ying Haiwei, after the traditional Sina, Sohu, NetEase, and later BAT big three, the majority of students choose entrepreneurship is because of the success of BAT, also can say more because itself is born in the age of the Internet, because to see how many months of financing entrepreneurs too much, how many billions of years valuation bubble and choose entrepreneurship, low investment, high return, with the old saying that: sleight of hand.

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