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Sun Yuchen: Ripple labs designed a Ripple agreement, trying to make different currencies free, free, zero time exchange, creating a value network to support the centralized payment system. For example, international transfers now take about 2 to 3 working days with high fees. With bitcoin it could be an hour, but in the sharp wave network about 3 to 5 seconds. What we have done is to localize the agreement in China as soon as possible.

powder brother Zhang Tianyi, face adorable master Guo column, or North Sea Sun Yuchen, in their interpretation of the 90" idealism ": Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to do great things, is the pursuit of the ideal, the details do not care.

has been "idiotic" seems to become a 90 label. However, in this year’s Internet start-ups, some after 90 entrepreneurs said: I, don, t, care, they do not even need to be understood. They believe in: "technology house", "challenge to giants", "from the black", but not afraid of "black", they feel "to youth" too soil, there is nothing simple. Their collective memories of after 70 and after 80s "do not catch cold"".

Sun Yuchen: I hope so, but it needs bank cooperation.

transfer / mandatory delisting treatment of different

from "three lives" to Walton business school,

for the mandatory delisting of companies, the small shareholders miserable. The "rules" require mandatory delisting the company should make arrangements for the demands of shareholders and disclosure, the controlling shareholder of the company and the hosting broker can set up a special compensation fund, the essence of the share transfer system and no mention of the disposal standard, if the listed company will be forced to withdraw from the market, it is difficult to come up with reasonable arrangement plan.

most of the acquired companies have said the new board for the protection of the interests of small shareholders, the listed company or the actual controller commitment within a certain period of time, the acquisition of small and medium shareholders to fair and reasonable market price of the shares held by the company, the two sides negotiated specific prices to prevail. However, the reality is still very cruel, most of the new board of mergers and acquisitions did not involve small and medium-sized shareholders.

Sun Yuchen: actually, I used to have poor grades in school. I studied in Huizhou. I was poor in my sophomore year. I was wandering around three books. High three years spent a year, from more than 300 points, rose to 650 points, doubled.

new venture payment system

Guangzhou Daily: you’ve been a great leader along the way,

for large companies to work as well as their own business, 90 after graduation team built to meet the Internet business tide

Sun Yuchen

high school, I got ninth new concept essay first prize, but also by that get Peking University 20 points bonus. I feel that personal self-esteem has been suppressed for a long time under the system of examination oriented education. Many people think you can not, weak burst. Although >

new board is an important part of the multi-level capital market in China, but because of information asymmetry and supervision is still in the process of perfect reason, the new board investors frequently stepped on the performance of mines, occasionally staged company broke the black swan, a small shareholder rights without the knowledge to the script, the Feng Sheng Yang incident.

, wearing shlf1314 glasses, Sun Yuchen, thinks he’s so cool". Even on the "loaded with fan" of the "shelling", also do not care to say: "Don ‘t care" I do not care.

new three board delisting in an increasingly fast pace, due to their own development need to take the initiative to apply for delisting of the company reached 61, this type of delisting the company the proportion as high as 64.89%; 14 companies apply for delisting by listed company merger, this type of delisting the company for small shareholders is more accident prone area >

the different causes of the delisting of the company for small shareholders are different, there are small shareholders do not discuss the pit miserable, there is also a piece of meat on the small shareholders, small shareholders and refuses to let go to the bar with large shareholders in the end……

was born in 1990. He is founder and CEO of sharp wave technology, chief representative of Greater China of Ripple Labs in america. He says his ambition is to build a new value network.

Whether it is "Shuo

Guangzhou Daily: if it can be carried out, can international microfinance be completed online?

from Peking University to Walton School of business to entrepreneurship

Guangzhou Daily: what did you do when you returned home to create the sharp wave company?

small shareholders suffered frequent challenges, "not reliable" has become the new three business and a pronoun, as in the case of a small company grow with each passing day, the shareholders should decide on what path to follow?

has been set up 94 new three board delisting the company, the reason is nothing more than the following: transfer plate, compulsory delisting, due to their own development needs to apply for delisting and absorbed by the listed company merger.

4 companies have been the implementation of the mandatory delisting last year, respectively, in Nova, Langdon education and the extra cendon power, because delisting earlier than the "rules" promulgated, the four companies are not disclosed to small shareholders handling or arrangements. The education of small shareholders in the company but was delisted after the company broke the news to the media or the existence of financial fraud, but has been of no avail, which to some extent reflects the stock transfer system is necessary to the mandatory delisting of the company’s disclosure requirements on specific measures of small shareholders processing.


is the first for the board delisting companies, the new board has been established only 13 companies successful switch board, this type does not need to interpret the prince said, buy is to make small shareholders hold shares, not only on the line.

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