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3. good customer service and safe and convenient payment

how to build your online trading platform? I think at least we should pay attention to the following points:

multi angle or specificity, to provide Internet trading platform for the game player’s best equipment, create instant transactions, safe and reliable trading mode; to provide a network of perfect and good, for the trading game building intermediary service trade website. This requires that you need to use the fast and safe way for the sale of the equipment, such as trading cards, leveling service; and in every game in the game will be Trading Forum reports, game player experience, story, etc. timely updates, let the game player feel safe in the online game world, find fun.

2. wants the classified project

the current guest of "variables" is Gong Haiyan. Following the Jiayuan 91 teacher, she also founded the ladder network, this is a shared platform provides high-quality educational resources for primary and secondary schools, in November 24, 2013 officially announced on-line. She believes that online education is the most effective way to achieve equity in education, and that individualized education needs to be done through the internet.

research, I also found a phenomenon, these left behind children’s home, in fact, there are computers and networks, because at night to chat with the parents of the field of video. His parents also want to participate in the children’s learning process, but not participate in, they may come back one or two times a year, see the child a few copies of the test paper. If through the Internet, the parents of left behind children can master their children’s learning. The students’ homework, students can see the test error, parents can see. Online education is really ">

Another reason for the change in the direction of

you want to do a few game trading platform or just a game trading platform, the positioning is very important, most people want to do better, do not put all your egg in one basket, do much to attract more eyeballs. But do not ignore the thousand strokes would be better than a trick of drugs, is diversification or specialization, must be combined with their own good thinking.

is that the threshold for foreign teachers is too low. "91 foreign teachers" after the launch, feeling overnight out of more than 100 similar enterprises, competition is very fierce. We are now doing "ladder network" is a platform product, the operation is difficult, the high threshold for access to funds, millions and millions of people are not eligible to come in. My experience and resources over the past ten years will have a great advantage. As a "91 foreign teacher", I don’t have much advantage over a first-time entrepreneur.

Whether you are a

second is the problem of left behind children especially serious. In my hometown, there are some schools where more than 2/3 are left behind children and a large number of boarding schools. Very little children, father and mother are outside, no one pay attention to his study. One of my relatives is like this, working outside for 20 years, want to earn money to let the children go to college, and the result of the children drop out of junior high school. Their husbands and wives particularly regret that although they earn a little extra money outside, they delay their children’s life.

before doing "ladder net", we have done a lot of market research in various places. I feel that the first problem in the whole K12 education field is uneven distribution of quality educational resources. Why Wudaokou will become "the center of the universe", a square meter of housing prices to one hundred thousand yuan, because there are better schools. Parents have a lot of opinions, but also have deep frustration.

good customer service, this is easy to say, difficult to do, need sincerity + enthusiasm + patience + necessary professional knowledge. Safe and convenient payment method, it’s up to you, in addition to bank remittance, Internet money what do you support? Alipay, PayPal, quick money, or EG? Oh, but whatever you choose several must remember, you’d better set up a game currency conversion to RMB from the unobstructed safe channel, otherwise do you will feel very uncomfortable. Such as Southeast online game trading platform www.dong-nan.com basically has more than the above conditions, there are many similar sites are very good.

two venture in online education, I initially did "91 foreign teachers."". At that time think foreign teacher doorsill is low, do quickly. Pulling the investment, I found Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang. But Wang Qiang felt that foreign teachers market is small, there is no investment. It has a great influence on me. Wang Qiang is a new spoken master of New Oriental. He has spoken so long and his judgment should be more accurate. I began to consider adjusting direction, and finally re selected K12 basic education stage in this area, made a ladder network". There are 200 million primary and secondary school students in China. The number of spoken English learners is small and scattered, and the spoken language of New Oriental accounts for 2% of its revenue. It’s the two time to start a business, and I’m looking for an area of greater imagination.

1. find a good support point.

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