YY really fierce company dares to move Tencent’s cheeseHow do manage to earn 300RMB a day

in 2009, when the YY accumulated to a certain extent in the game users, entertainment began to force, IS, Hangzhou 9158 Web voice platform operators, open room, send gifts to the host for its main operation mode. In 2010, Sina $30 million stake in 2012 is expected to reach 1 billion yuan of revenue, and other active audio / video entertainment platform most popular channel executives, mostly received a targeted invitation from YY. Fortunately, 9158 years of operation and focus on this model, its ecological chain has been relatively stable, and IS in the YY development process has been a huge impact.

in this game is a great change of the user’s needs: the winners can get more rewards, prompting the user must stick to the original "across the guild" seeking a wider group to group a "cross service mission" to meet the demand, which makes the new "cross service team" voice channel has become a rigid demand. Users on this >

rav4.org.cn, this is my new station, forwarding friends, please bring my link, thank you. Note: This article is the author original article, Admin5 is the first, I hope the king can be transferred to the home page.

3, a month later, I added SP ad, answer, award and sign the kind. Speaking of that SP ad is really amazing, most users will spend more than 6. There are about more than 10 users a day, so it’s more than 50 a day.

I do is mainly in these areas, but first explain, the home page do not hang too much JS advertising, easy to be sh419 K. If you do not know how to apply for a union account, you can secretly find me, or search the Internet for information, as a new generation of webmaster, must know how to use the network resources to learn. The knowledge of the network is updated every day, so we have to go to amdin5 from time to time.


is worth mentioning is that the team gathered YY voice era, in the fitting game product operations very carefully: in 2008 ~ 2009, "World of Warcraft", the game successfully launched a major update server architecture — Based on Cross Service battlefield, allowing different server game player in the same server to catch on the battlefield fight.

Great changes of

YY, a NetEase founded by former editor Li Xueling on June 2005 start-up, after 5 rounds of financing, 7 years of development, has been in the United States in November 21st IPO. Let it become more this year after vip, China Mobile Games entertainment group after the third concept stocks listed in the U.S., also let the angel investor Lei Jun lucrative, more importantly, YY has become the rare company of Tencent can impact on voice. How did YY develop? And its stability and risk are there. In fact, early discussions have been launched, and many senior game industry experts have offered excellent answers.

YY when the table is large enough, the platform to gather enough people for a long time, "gift into" nature is a very mature model, the premise is to have enough viewers have enough good performers, host, singer, MC originally means the host, such as YY voice platform in the room, the "Michael" team. YY after many years of operation, has formed a huge user groups, complete performance team, making money naturally is a matter of course.

How does

4, at that time, I added a web game League, 30% commission. There are more than 100 registered users per day, each of which has an indefinite amount of money, sometimes more and sometimes less. The best is that these users can accumulate. When the charge is commission. This average is more than 30 pieces a day.


1, the previous period, in order to let sh419 have a good impression, I did not hang any ads, just by selling products to make money, there are hundreds of transactions a day, the average daily average of 150 RMB it. This is basic.

2 and second, after the website is collected normally, I hang GG advertisement, click rate is very tall, 3%~10%, at that time I am afraid to be dropped by GGK really. There are about 50 pieces of RMB a day about 7 knives.

5, according to my customer’s purchasing power, I added Taobao Amoy advertising, advertising and commission. This income is not much.

I do

station has been three years, from a rookie into today’s old dish. The scenery, a day can earn 300RMB, then our station is only 3000IP, although traffic is not high, but I make full use of this traffic, how did I do? I simply say something, let the new owners know the website a few can do income.

early YY users from online media Time Inc gathered more net to bring the perfect company its products "perfect world" and "Zhu Xian" and "World of Warcraft" and the association of users, voice communication needs of large game player raid let than voice with better stability in the online population YY in talent shows itself.

I was doing a shopping network, spent half a month on the sh419 third, when the keyword sh419 index more than 5000, fixed 3000IP has been good.

YY earn money,

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