Entrepreneurs say PP car sharing shared economy model possibilitiesA little bit of website promotion

PP car’s original intention is to idle the private car and tenant car needs integration, the Airbnb model transplanted to the car rental industry. Titanium media has interviewed two times PP car rental team and its CEO Zhang Bingjun, they are making what kind of attempt to share the model in the domestic landing?

titanium media: the constant upgrading of urban life has resulted in a large number of idle resources, such as private cars and housing, in our city. Centralized idle housing resources as a platform, dedicated to solving the unique living experience of shared rental originator Airbnb has been widely recognized, precisely because it created a practical platform for sharing the economy. However, P2P model has always been regarded as "barbarians outside the door", since last year in the traditional industries grew up crazy, so far there is no mature business model.

first, a large number of idle resources, there is no efficient channels for disposal. Put idle cars on the platform rental, you can directly help owners realize the use of idle resources;

April 2013, PP car selected the first domestic city of Beijing, the first investment by angel investors to start preparatory work. This six months, Zhang Bingjun and his co-founder, CMO Wang Jiaming began to build the team early in the investor’s help, and through a research found in the Shanghai area, about 17% of the young private car owners have to dispose of their own idle resources through the lease will. And the development of the city of Beijing, very close to their observation in the Singapore market, Zhang Bingjun in the country saw the opportunity:

titanium media recently visited the start-up company PP car rental, is a more typical P2P shared platform. The PP model is designed to encourage private car owners to rent unused car resources online through the third party platform, which is a model and a subversion compared to the traditional car rental industry. The first company PP car is not in Beijing, but in Singapore, since the beginning of December 2012 launched in Singapore, in the local private car rental market has been successfully tried; at the end of 2012, they set their sights on the domestic. Nearly a year or two, to Beijing, Shanghai and other first and second tier cities as an example, in the fog and haze environment, traffic congestion under pressure, how to make better use of idle motor vehicles, has become a focus of local government work. According to the forecast, Beijing City Department of transportation in 2016, the Beijing motor vehicle ownership will reach 6 million units, according to the 2013 private cars in Beijing accounted for 70% of the proportion of the number of motor vehicles to estimate the amount of private cars will increase.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan


from Singapore to Beijing,

Angel Wang Xing Investment PP rental reasons: "you do is a matter of the future."".

second, the rental car itself is an environmentally friendly activity, in policy >

, first of all, we want to figure out why to do website, his value there

1, portal website

should be divided into two blocks: integrated portal and professional industry portal, this is the two extremes. Only then has it to develop the space. In order to win more customer base

2, personal website

such sites generally do not have a large space for development, the object of his service is very limited. He had his own purpose first, and provided himself with a convenience.

3, hobby websiteIn order to love their

now in the Internet era, the site has become a simple thing. The most difficult is how to do a web site with love, full of sound and colour, can get more users love every day. To create value

1, the planning department

2, technical department

3, the marketing department

a website no matter how well perfect, if not it will spread on promotion to increase traffic, so it can only be said to be the site, do it for yourself, it is only limited to personal value, and it can not create value, only the value of existing expenditure. How to promote, how to improve their site visits, and to attract customers’ attention, so that he changed from today’s new customers into tomorrow’s old customers? Form a virtuous circle, and expand constantly. Combined with the author’s own experience, today from the internal factors and external factors to talk about this problem in two aspects.

A, internal factors

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