try, struggle, exist

everyone says we can only spend money and don’t make money. Why do other people say that, in fact, they are the prejudices of those people? We can’t put the 80’s Playboy’s consumption concept on our head!!!


living expenses 1000 yuan a month count,


, first of all, the basic expenses of your life should be 500 yuan, you should buy (boys or not spend too much), there are still 500 yuan to do what, this is what I want to say to you,

Why do we have no way to

after graduation to find a good job, because we are lack of social experience, and now the majority of Enterprises above the oral said well, learn to be engaged in the cause of N years of experience, our students to go out, easy to say, the person of 20, according to their way to do not die. Wait until N years of experience, and immediately jumped three of the people! A month to let you take more than 3000 yuan, and so you bought a house, and jumped four, the child is still alive, and raise not to support. So that we can do now is to do more, so that these people are willing to fight for our 80, can have a stable career in 30 thirty years of age.

business from where, but not their own struggle to get, but the struggle to learn to have money, where come, steal, grab, pit, turn, cheat, this is not what we do! We are not the National Wanted!


should come from, that is to engage in pyramid schemes to fire their push. The conscience of those MLM organizations are eaten by a dog, a pile of shit, what "to become the richest man, first to sleep on the floor." this has no conscience speak out, those of you who think of your parents how to teach you, a group of scum, garbage, true to the person of 80


how to use your life’s 500 yuan RMB in exchange for real N yuan RMB


first you have the lottery point of sale, I do not claim to you every day, the endless money put in, China sports lottery, we all should know, the football winning color believe that we are a generation of people a lot of people do not unfamiliar, optional 9, 14 victory, 6 and a half full, into the ball color too much, I do not say to you, that the actual point, see themselves on the site of the football challenge, we now have a buy website I have joined in, a month up to the beginning of the 10 of the lottery, every time I invested 10 yuan is a left and right! A monthly expenses is 100 yuan, not only can see your luck will allow you to exercise your mind, see more sports news, learn to analyze the game, lest friends together to say Beckham when you know he is a handsome boy, the rest of the Shit don’t understand, said Erwin when you come to a word, he was last in snooker masters in the bag is a four stars in the play, laugh! Hey! This time people should at least understand football! Don’t be too


says there are 400 yuan left for the topic. RMB, do something

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