Brand promotion + attract users + planning staff, travel website development iron triangle

has no rules and no bounds. This sentence is right, do what things need to be well founded, it not only save time, but also saving. Even if you are humble personal webmaster, you have to have a reasonable plan for their own website, this is the webmaster must do a good job, now although he took over a small class of local tourism website, the staff is only 7 per person, but I in a stage, write a the work plan, only in this way can I feel every moment in control of your own destiny. Well, in the process of website management, we should do what part of the preparation, the following I combine my own experience, say the website development in all stages of the plan and strategy.

brand promotion:

first of all, determine the website development blueprint. As an old saying goes, without a plan, there is no reason to live. After all, a website is to have the development goals, within one month of ranking at what level or within a quarter profit to what level, these should be implemented in the paper, it will make your website a clear position for yourself, you can clearly know what you should do things in what the stage, so as not to confused on the Internet, do not know what is its purpose, this would be miserable.

secondly, we should build and maintain the brand to a certain extent. Said one of the most simple example, when we do not travel website, as long as we want to travel, we will Ctrip ticket booking, hotel reservation, this effect is a brand, because we trust it, so we will order on it. Similarly, we also need to construction of a certain brand of its own website, as for how to build, there is related to the problem of marketing, viral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, marketing, marketing methods such as beauty of hunger we have heard, the webmaster can reasonable use of these methods to a certain degree of speculation your own website, in my opinion, viral marketing is the best of these methods in effect, because this method is low cost, strong operability, just published an article can spread the text in the forum you can, and if this paper can cause the argument, then the promotion of the brand is obviously great. Then, the maintenance of the brand can be said, because in my opinion, the key to the maintenance of the brand in meeting customer requirements, as long as customer satisfaction, the maintenance of the brand naturally also logical.


should be based on the expansion of channels and the expansion of resources. The basic point that we attract users is their own hardware conditions, so if we want to make money, our travel websites should continue to expand the channels to attract users and expand the resources available to users. Because of the rich content, we will be able to meet the users demand more and more, which can expand the existing area of their clients in the invisible, but here I want to mention a problem to the webmaster, it is in the expansion of resources on the road, we must firmly believe that "Ningquewulan", after all, now the tourism resources is much and miscellaneous, I >

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