Baidu finally released my K domain name for more than 2 years

today as usual to get up, immediately open the computer, and then open the webmaster statistics site under IP, and then by the way the next point to the Baidu keyword, actually found Chinese (previously has been my domain name), then the curious point to see the last one, it is my own web page, then excited hurry,, use Baidu Search, find relevant web page 1 article, with a time of 0.042 seconds. I had been waiting for almost 2 years, when I was so excited that I could not express it in words.

for two years… Two years ago to see someone selling this domain name when they want to buy it as a powerful point QQ around the station, when the QQ space is like fire, I bought the domain name immediately after the boil a few days night the website started out, publicity, QQ stations generally are relying on Baidu, I is no exception, immediately submit, everywhere make connections it seduce spider, and in the QQ station to buy advertising, but after ten days did not see.

I began to doubt the check this site’s history is QQ expression with the virus for 05 years when it became the raise a Babel of criticism of Baidu K, must have been very disappointed at that time, the domain name will pass, but I still can not be reconciled, found everywhere included recovery method, the basic line is to frequently update the original content website, I started a hair every day dozens of articles and articles into pseudo original, every day the first thing is to open the computer to open Baidu, Baidu, but every time are ruthlessly return the same result "sorry, with" "" not found." That kind of mood, really disappointed…

A few days ago until

, I decided to make it a QQ navigation station, use their own DW to make a page just to pass up, and a new station to submission to Baidu, later by the way also submitted up, it was not reported what hope. Unexpectedly, a few days, Baidu actually included, and I think perhaps this is the main reason for re included it: own web pages are quite different, Baidu may have a special liking, ha ha.

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