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1. what is the visitor source


visit our website users into our page through what way? How to make our website more people? What is the search engine is helpful to enter our website? What are the key of higher value? Good effect of the exchange links? Advertising work? Etc. this question, this is many webmaster often met when their own website promotion problem. In the field of web analytics, these queries can be explained by the analysis of the access source series. Visitor origin refers to the means used by users to come to our website, which means how users who visit our website arrive at our website. The access sources are classified as follows.

2. access source classification


(1) is unknown (direct input, favorites, others)

(2) ad link

(3) search engine

(4) other web sites (excluding search engines and advertising links)

2.1 is unknown (direct input, favorites, others)

users enter the site by directly entering addresses, favorites, clicks, or other copies, paste, and drag and drop, usually understood as an unknown source. Access to unknown sources does not include source information, so the analysis process needs to be integrated with other analysis functions to further localize user intent.

2.2 advertising links

advertising links, specifically refers to the site visitors through the site operators in a variety of Internet media launched online advertising shock way, access to the site’s visitors source. It is also a clear source of payment in the visitor’s source. The source of the ad link is specific. Please refer to the ad / promotion section of this tutorial.

2.3 search engine


search engine source refers to the user using search keywords to search through the search engine, in the search results, click on the analysis site links access sources.

well-known search engine providers are as follows:

– famous search engine


– the well-known search engine


2.4 other sites (excluding search engines and ads)

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