Cheng Lingfeng, a network product manager, has several dangers

and Sohu whip Niu Shi IT together to create a public service platform for network training camp last night will be held as usual, we invited guests with network product manager Cheng Lingfeng, he shared network editor of 7 points, 4 points advantage for us, as well as the network media characteristics, to the training camp in:

Cheng Lingfeng: I’ve had quite a lot of experience. I started as a journalist in a magazine, then as editor in the website and now as a product manager. However, I do not edit the time is not long, today can only give you some suggestions, in specific how to do little help on it. I am in the media for a longer time, and the contact surface is relatively wide, so I today from the media structure, the industry chain to give you some suggestions.

The core of

net work is to judge the value of news

today mainly talks about the dangers of network editing". I first investigated, how many people are directly doing network editing, did not do other work before? How many reporters and editors have done traditional media? What about the rest? (hands up)

one thing I’m talking about first is that the possibility of network editing going up is small, that is, you have little room to rise. In the four portal as an example, Sina editor Chen Tong, he may be the first China web editor, he is from the net has been dry up; the NetEase’s chief editor Li Yong is the editor in chief of Sohu in airborne; Wei is airborne; is also the editor in chief Chen Juhong. In the four major portals, the editors of three websites are all airborne from magazines. As you can see, this is a common phenomenon. From the network editor, step by step up to the space less.

I’m not saying there’s no possibility. The network editors say that it is the editor, and there is no essential difference between paper media. Because of this, only a large number of traditional media people have been parachuted in, and people of traditional media have experienced many years of accumulation and experience. When the Internet is on the rise, it’s much more cost-effective for them to use their experience directly. Only a few years since the rise of online media, there have been few talents. Therefore, most of the editors and editors will be airborne from traditional media. If you come up as an editor, you want to go up all the way. It’s very difficult.

then I’ll tell you about the value of news. Whether you write your own news or reprint the news, the core thing is to judge the value of news. If you have, you will succeed. Software skills, proficiency, and so on are secondary.

Internet features determine the weaknesses of network editing

The characteristics of

network determine that there are some defects in network editing. What do you think is the biggest advantage of network editors? Fast, massive, interactive, and the disadvantages? I think the biggest drawback lies in the advantages. If you are particularly strong on the one hand, there must be some shortcomings here. For example, since fast, it must be shallow, the pursuit of rapid release, will certainly sacrifice the quality of the article. Want to do fast and deep, almost impossible, this is fatal shortcomings. You cannot have both, the traditional media.

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