10, determine whether you are satisfied with the webmaster profession

10 questions determine whether you are satisfied with webmaster Occupation:

1. when asked what you do for a living, do you hesitate to tell others that you are a webmaster?

2., you don’t like other titles that don’t reflect your work skills, but you prefer webmaster

3. do you show yourself that you are capable of working as a webmaster?

4. did you write any blogs related to your website?

5., do you think it’s better to be a station than


6. do you want your children to do the same for you in the future? Would you recommend them as a station?

7. do your friends in your life think you’re an expert in your online business?

8. did you introduce your website to others?

9., would you like to display your website and be proud of that?

10., if you can re select the professional, you still continue to do the webmaster,


if the result of 5 answers is "yes", then the webmaster is still a good fit for you!


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