Thinking about dealing with users and search engines for five years

from the 06 year of the Spring Festival to do this line to the contact station now just right for five years, had in the campus to do stand for recreation boy now to start your responsibilities, and in the five years of experience doing stand through a variety of big and small temper is accumulated a variety of all kinds of experience, to do more is from the first station to love unsuspectingly has been summed up and the stage of thinking.

with the help of A5 this very good webmaster platform, I learned here not only do a variety of station knowledge and experience, but also constantly see the webmaster to share all kinds of fresh experience, help me a lot. This is especially today and we do stand near the webmaster to share a little bit about my experience, these years do stand for the user and search engine of the relationship between the practice and thinking, hope to do stand to benefit everyone.

Some owners believe in

search engine first point, all the construction site around the search engine, because I want to get more traffic from there, and then put these traffic into cash income. However, some owners believe that the ultimate goal is to stand by the stable user groups to realize the value of the site, including the site of the "name" and "benefit", and therefore can not be too much of the search engine as the highest guide, and should be taking into account the user’s needs and interests, how to attract and retain customers is the first thing.

at different times do I have to stand on the two views are very support, and do stand in the process of using them to guide me to do station, however the longer do stand experience more rich, the two theories have their biases, are not comprehensive, so it is necessary objective to analysis and combined with the specific circumstances, to find suitable for their position to do stand in the actual situation, the relationship between the user and the search engine to better handle.

one, when to search engine as the first, the user secondly,

, like many webmasters, I was quickly attracted by the idea of "SEO" in the course of doing the station. After all, who doesn’t want to get the profit in the fastest time?. So after the station do I put search engines as a "God", devote themselves to learning about search engine optimization knowledge for the station, then you can imagine a lot of construction known as "trash" website, this website content together more, some of the content in the pursuit of pseudo original effect in the text add delete many places, make a good article to read smoothly, so put aside the needs of many users, because I need is your search engine more and ranking, and bring more traffic, using a variety of advertising popups advertising and media forms of advertising such as cash flow, has achieved good results, that feeling is really funny to see users do stand face theory.

however, this is the right place to do it. It is indeed a shortcut for many webmasters to make profit stations. However, it is inevitable to face Baidu when it tries to optimize excessive websites

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