When CEO realized 85 things

it’s going to be a tough job. No matter how much you prepare or learn, you can’t keep up with the need.

you’ll feel so much that you want to give up. Don’t hold on.

it’s a lonely job. No one can tell you anything about the job.

uncertainty is the mark of entrepreneurship. Sometimes a month or even every week you can not guarantee that they can survive 1 years. Learn to embrace the uncertainty.

sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night. Don’t worry about it, take care of your emotions.

if you are married, your partner will play a very important role. They’ll be the only one you can say. They will provide you with unbiased decisions from the third point of view. When you are at the lowest point, they will be your solid.

When the CEO is

as the company matured in the transition to all authorized will personally.

key responsibility

you’re going to make a lot of decisions for the company. If you make decisions too cautious will slow the pace of development, if too wayward words will make the wrong decision.

It is your responsibility to set a vision and discuss the vision of

. You can’t wrap your vision to your team. You have to listen to everyone, but in the end you have to set your vision.

you want to define culture, the most important thing is that you have to defend a good culture. You will eventually follow suit.

is the founder and CEO, your number one responsibility is to ensure that the company will never spend money.

CEO should always be involved in the product. You can get away with other functions, but not the product.

the success of your organization depends on the extent to which your team is armed. No one came to know all the work, to ensure that everyone in the training is your responsibility.

decision making

you’ll never get the full information you need for your decision. Your intuition will play a big role in this situation.

‘s intuitive thinking sounds counter intuitive, but it can be cultivated. Great entrepreneurs make the right decisions not because they have all the information, but because they have a lot of knowledge. These are the things that make intuitive thinking.

when you’re wrong, you often have to compare. The trick is to find your mistakes, learn from them, and never again.

you have to take the wrong decisions you make. If you are willing to accept the wrong people will respect you.

will take the time to explain your decision. People around you need to know the process of thinking behind your decisions.

Don’t fall into the trap of cautious

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