Talking about the important accomplishment of network editing

to the current network editor has more than two years of time, the impression of a lot of people are believed to edit the network occupation too boring, sometimes even think the network editor many times just like machinery, to release to the network to copy some articles, most can only be released to write a few articles about what can not focus on place. Think he had had a day to the network to find and release hundreds of articles of this essay, I remember a day out of office, his eyes seemed to be still a text on the page, but after a period of time, slowly realize network editor is not so simple, although these dull work may start the contact, but the network editors more can have a great influence, so as to network editor of this occupation also has a corresponding requirements, the following is the personal view of network editors more important accomplishment, as follows.

first of all, content is always king, attitude, view first. There was a saying that Internet media is also a content economy, and this can also reflect the importance of content. For web editors, the content of the release is very core, and only after in-depth understanding of the event can be well presented in the content. Each network editor because the growth environment, work background, will be different, so the angle of the station is not the same, so will have different views. But the network editors must have their own characteristics, unremittingly to write will be different, but also to continue to dig innovative content, put some ideas and opinions on a variety of issues into their attitudes in theory, make the network more fresh vitality.

secondly, the long-term concern for enterprises. The formation of network information can not be separated from the development of a variety of enterprises. Simply speaking, enterprises can bring a variety of writing materials to network editors, because enterprises are one of the main bodies of the internet. For example, such as network editor circles a few people are concerned about the long-term "electronic commerce", which reflects the understanding of growth, many business platform in the editing of the latest developments, and to experience their services, so in the daily report, when some of the hot news in these enterprises, familiar with electronic commerce enterprise network editor can immediately know from their own enterprises and pay attention to mining hot, quickly issued a news timeliness high. Therefore, the network editor should not be limited in the media circle, but should expand their horizons, this article written reports will according to the actual needs of the enterprise, not only because of the needs of enterprises and from the imaginary abstraction write let the reader know cloud.

once again, the necessary understanding of the industry. Whether it is in the information portal or in other types of Web site editor, responsible for many jobs are subdivided into a specific channel or classification, this is very necessary, because this information will be more professional, more targeted. As an Internet editor, you have an understanding of the whole industry, so that the article can be reported more effectively. Everyday I >

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