Moral Sutra explains that the fall of Nora is a very difficult road

[introduction] if you think this article is a slogan, then you’re wrong. In front of many articles written, in fact, are written down step by step, the content of continuity, but chapters are also little impact on reading. A lot of content about heart, heart strong, invincible. Mentality, vision, pattern and so on, these things say more, for different people, the effect is not the same, because the heart is different.

one, Avenue very Yi, its person good path

this sentence from Lao Tzu "moral", to express the true meaning of Lao Tzu, this article is certainly not my understanding that I say is the most superficial "too literally.". Lao Tzu said the avenue, is the right direction of Dao, enlightenment, way. This means that people body, and then, the enlightenment, leading to the road is very flat, but because the road is too common, too simple, people tend to ignore it but want to approach through a simpler and more convenient to Dao, enlightenment, and finally has deviated from the tao. Speak a little, think it over yourself. We just love that ordinary people use this phrase to warn those who walk crooked ways doings.


is now stop the server, and then the police took away several people, CEO Wang Xin said: "Born Under A Bad Sign". I don’t quite agree with that. Nora is mainly rely on P2P technology to achieve video sharing, leading to rampant piracy, there is a piece of hair spread, but Nora reluctant to rectify, called: "the company only focus on technology." Why don’t you straighten it out because it’s pretty good?. Youku potatoes, cool six, what video Tencent, spend a lot of money to buy the copyright, Nora does not spend a penny direct access to video ads inserted broadcast, this is not the right path. Now, Nora said, spend 1 hundred million on content, in fact, no use, ZF confiscated the server, and now 1 hundred million of the video copyright industry, it is a drop in the bucket.

, a lot of people in our group, heard people say, Google, play upload pornographic novels to make money, it can not control. I urge everyone to take the right path, and some students say, "yellow novels are nothing, I feel very normal." Others say, "Google, play, the country can not find", and so on. In fact, right and wrong, good and evil, good or bad, in your heart, but there is a need to pay attention to your survival in this country under the rule of law. I confess, I have also been inserted edge ball software, even if the row to Google play new standings first, I did not have the least excitement, but inwardly extremely painful, and then set it, peace of mind. The most precious thing in life is freedom, but the peace of mind.

two, as good as water, water conservancy things and not fight

software, the most important thing is that you solve the problem for others, that is, you meet the needs of users. A lot of brothers in the group asked me, "I want to make money, how can I make money?" simply, everyone knows you go to a restaurant to eat, and then you pay after dinner. This transaction process, you never feel awkward, anti >!

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