A self-confident female stationmaster’s webmaster’s Road

early 09, I was carrying an innocent heart into the webmaster forum door. I saw a variety of transactions and technical sections, immediately let me full of interest. In order to send a transaction paste, temporarily do not know how to start. Do you have such experience? But in helping webmaster forum administrator, on how to send a transaction with a preliminary understanding, is constantly groping their own, have a preliminary understanding of the circle.

from the beginning of a small Miao long station, into the development of the station now. Inseparable from the support and care of the webmaster circle. The decision that makes me want to install in stationmaster circle, it is the enthusiasm that source and stationmaster circle person, find business in stationmaster circle and make more stationmaster friend.

, what’s a webmaster forum?.

, this is the trading hall and the heart harbor of the stationmaster.

here is to listen to the webmaster sweet and sour place.

found it in the stationmaster’s circle, with the warmth I had hoped for.

. Grow. One thorn,

introduced by friends, I entered the webmaster circle Forum (bbs.adminquan.com) registered ID: white melon thread. After a series of tests, I pushed the door of the forum and saw a warm welcome from the moderators. Let me be surrounded by warmth again. Also let me have more for the webmaster circle to contribute their own strength determination.

, now I’m a newbie. I’m always proud to be the host of the communication forum. Say proud, not because I am moderator, but because you can do more for the webmaster circle. I know it’s difficult for a beginner to be in the station.

in that station forum will encounter this problem:

What are

, A, ID?

, B, where to change the password, mailing address, personal profile,

, C, how to post a transaction, how to build personal columns, and so on.

you might think these problems are too pediatrics. However, any question, we must take a serious attitude to make the most satisfactory answer. Because partners have said: "novice exchange forum is on behalf of the webmaster circle site in speech, so be careful."." In the new exchange forum, some people support, some people abuse, some people do not understand, some people can not wait to hold our hands, said: "you have worked hard."." Whatever it is, we will be treated in a manner, that is all. No matter which forum moderators are very hard. But the author is the same, so we still need the understanding of both sides. As long as the author and the readers are satisfied, that is our greatest satisfaction. I have just taken the webmaster circle webmaster, I will do my best to do well.

walk. Experience. Bitter and happy

has known many brothers and sisters and many friends in the stationmaster’s circle for a few months. Thank you for your support. I don’t have any

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