How does the weight change after the website changes the template

I was a technician, usually responsible for the background integration company website, is to do the task in their spare time, build a website to earn advertising fees, but recently involved in the optimization and the promotion of the site, there is no way ah, to the basic necessities of life, and love his girlfriend, this is not nonsense. Here’s how I analyze website template to how Baidu is right down to.


is your own website experience, but the time of the analysis, if done on the website, some people think that is done in the guise of advertising, this paper does not involve my website information, intended for the novice webmaster can find problems, analyze problems, and solve the problem of


below, first look at a 2013–04-14 website SEO optimization analysis chart:

first explain, I was around April 7th for the template, this change before the snapshot is the day, (the general web site is the day before yesterday). Because of the change in the template framework, on the website of the trial, calling it directly by Baidu K off, so the last two days I want to focus on the trend of Baidu search! According to the observation of the last two days, I found the following changes:

below is an observation and analysis between 2013–04–7 and 2013–04–14:

1, Baidu included a little reduced, from 1100 to 868, this I also expected, and recently also in the original article, hope to recover as soon as possible.

2, traffic found little change, every day from Baidu and other search to the traffic, are stable, and in recent days I found that keyword search traffic is increasing. This is still more gratifying, and my site search station name ranking is still the top three position.

3, snapshot changes: search keywords and site out of the home snapshot is normal, but became yesterday: {today is 14, snapshot is 13}, the influence is not too big. But Baidu is included in the decline in quantity, we see the following number of included:

4, the most critical point [weight] Baidu! Only the weight of the problem seems to be in the test, because my site the weight is 1{I only own the site name, without any optimization keywords} because this weight is the key word, "enough" to me, so I also pay attention to the direct search keywords, before the word "enough", the website is ranked in the top three Baidu, change the template after a little change, although the word "enough" Baidu search ranking is second, but found that the snapshot is a few days ago, this is a little too good, look at the following a picture:

everybody see, this weight word snapshot update is 4-7, that is, I change template of second days snapshot, website snapshot or normal, or yesterday’s snapshot


, let’s sum up: according to the recent >

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