How many websites do unscrupulous hosts place on a server

, let’s see how many web sites

unscrupulous hosts put on a server

himself is not a word, but I’m really shocked by what happened today,

, I accidentally opened my web site’s MSSQL database,

looked at the database on my server using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to convert the original database into MSSQL

who knows, open it and frighten me,


has 412 databases on the same server, which is what is known as "cheap, premium space"

I was buying 100 bucks, and in that case, the server could earn 41200

, but a server cost word that everyone knows about

calculates that the unscrupulous company has made a profit of 30 thousand

on this server

, here’s a screenshot of my


, this is the whole space,

of course this unscrupulous space is not I now use the space you don’t


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