Ma Dongmin Baidu critical moment of women

January 17th, former executive vice president of Microsoft’s global Baidu group Lu Qi served as president and chief operating officer, responsible for Baidu’s products, technology, sales and marketing operations, a position and power after Robin Li number two. On the same day, Baidu founder, chairman Robin Li published an open letter, said, this is a key step in the transformation of Baidu".

near the end of the year, Baidu change more than that. Today, the "financial" published entitled "in depth analysis of Baidu change: land is going to be fighting over come" Melissa, the article shows that Mrs. Robin Li Melissa had earlier in the Lu Qi return to Baidu, served as special assistant chairman, in charge of Baidu’s investment, human and market public relations.

just last week, Baidu held a quarterly director, shortly after the start of the meeting, Victor (Baidu vice president and CEO assistant Liang Zhixiang) will introduce to you the Ma Dongmin. Victor said that the regression by Melissa Baidu poineering patriarch Ren Xuyang recommended for not avoid in pro. Ma Dongmin to the presence of more than 200 Baidu employees said she had worked in Baidu before 2008, Baidu returned to the office today, chairman of special assistant, investment, human resources, marketing and PR for Baidu. I hope you can do the intimate sister."

thus it can be seen that the recent Baidu ushered in a major change in power, Lu Qi in charge of Baidu’s business sector, in charge of the functional departments of Robin Li, they will open a new page with Baidu.

speaking of Ma Dongmin, she was called by the media "Baidu behind the woman, Baidu in the NASDAQ listed on the same day, Robin Li had said about Baidu," Baidu has a spirit called courage, and my wife, Dr. Ma Dongmin, is the source of courage."

and Robin Li met

everyone’s first impression of Robin Li may come from the fact that she is a wife. Indeed, life fellow and now come from behind Baidu’s stage, and Robin Li has a pull not open contact.

as the University of Science and Technology of China junior class students at the age of 19, Melissa went to study abroad after graduation. One day in April 1995, in New York, a student party and Robin Li accidentaly across. For the scene at that time, Ma Dongmin had an article recalled:

has just met Robin Li, he is still an unknown Wall Street workers, and soon entered the Silicon Valley, in Infoseek to do a senior researcher. At that time, I was studying for a doctorate in biology at the University of New Jersey. I met Robin Li at a gathering of Chinese students.

Robin Li really caught my attention because of his enthusiasm. Each discovery of a useful information, he will send it to the students often go to a news group to share with friends. There was just one thing I was looking for, so I asked him for it. By the way, Robin Li mentioned his impression of me in return

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