What issues should we pay attention to when we buy foreign space


with domestic filing system and the system of strict audit and white list e-commerce boom continues to heat up, more and more small owners look overseas host market, by renting space for foreign network development in the overseas market, so the host station how to pick out the dragons and fishes jumbled together, with space? The author introduce characteristics some foreign host and buy some things, I hope all of you to buy foreign host space have some help.

buy foreign host, pay more attention to information resources related to the host, if you want to buy a computer, then search this host of information on the Internet, the advantages and disadvantages of the host program, it is clear, and then decide whether to buy. You can also visit the webmaster forum or host class forum, for example, left behind Admin5 this kind of relatively large webmaster forums, there are a lot of experienced webmaster, in the forum post a lot of questions, there will be many enthusiastic webmaster friends to help us to answer the question.

more than several host business, it is best to test their speed. You can find a space to space business IP buy space before, Ping space access speed and stability, the purchase of the host should not be too concerned about the size of the space, the host is a few hundred M, and foreign host are hundreds of G, so don’t be abroad hundreds of G large space the eyes to blind, mainly see what traffic restrictions on foreign host traffic restrictions are very powerful, so opened before a detailed consultation website to clear restrictions on what, how to charge the part beyond the flow.


hire foreign host can dispense with the filing and other complex procedures and solve other countries visitors to visit their website content slowly, but the site of foreign space copyright content control is very strict, especially to download the contents of the website, so in the purchase of the host before with clear advice that content can be placed, those contents can not be placed and what is required for all procedures, be prepared against want.


directly through the website in the foreign host website to buy more quickly, the credibility of good quality, but recommended that users purchase time recommended purchase and domestic agents, agents in terms of price can offer lower prices, because of their own business in the country at the same time, can maintain a certain quality in quality and price. Compared with foreign customer service communication, the communication of its agent company is convenient and intuitive, and avoids the loss of language because of language problems.

according to this understanding, a good host network (www.goodzhuji.com) has been engaged in hosting overseas sales, but also provides 200m free space for a period of 1 years for the majority of owners to use space, ACCESSMysqlMssql database support, and traffic restrictions is very small, the webmaster every month free use of 100g traffic, to engage in overseas e-commerce sites, flow enough, but a good host to network >

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