Thinking behind the launch of Ali’s free service

The platform of polymeric

Ali mother as an advertising, is actually appeared as an intermediary platform, corresponding to the advertising, the many affiliate sites, such as the Admin5 webmaster website transaction intermediary fees charged, Ali mother made a point in the service charge: from the use of 8% payment platform of the mom in each transaction.

launched from Ali mother has its overbearing promotion means and skills are the topic of speculation, Ali’s style, only free strategy for Alibaba and, Ali’s mother took a different path: charge. The introduction of this form when the market has suffered criticism, after all to join Ali mother with small and medium-sized websites are, these web site traffic is not high, less influence, advertising pricing can not be very high, but the net service fee revenue will also be affected.

from March 12th, Ali mother abolished has been implemented for half a year long service fee system, turning out part of the free service, will occupy a larger share of the CPT (long time and billing advertising) fully exempt from transaction costs, such a move, can not but arouse the concern of the majority of long standing and thinking.

if the simple mom want to understand pre charge intermediary costs cost recovery, it is equal to that of Ali, even the technology development can not do, but the fact that Ali huge funds did not consider profit generated by Ali mother – "meager" trading volume, so Ali mother the service fee from there to, may have the following reasons:

1. Initial raise threshold, medium term user stickiness

initial fee in the form of raising the threshold, the mom in a series of potential competitors also make charges move, and charging measures have also been curbed to some extent freely join lots of garbage sites, and in the development of Ali mother first half of the year, with the gradual increase of three package service and carrying out the mom in Seller’s market for a better quality of the increasingly high demands of the website.

good quality website, high quality content and flow, customized advertising prices if the same is reasonable, the mom in this part of the webmaster need to obtain the trust and support, so the service fee has become the middle barrier, cancel the service fee is imperative.

in front of Ali’s strong technology and funds, the abolition of 8% service charges, Ali mother’s development without any impact, but can be some of the competitors continue to charge measures into the wind waves.

two. To accumulate word-of-mouth effect, and actively please users

"is not that Ali mother charge intermediary service fees high?" "simply cancel this time."." Originally, Ali mother fully absorbed the proposal of the stationmaster, cancelled the service charge of advertisement of 10 yuan of following, this time cancels the cost that often shows advertisement according to, also be the decision that after meeting market client opinion.

word of mouth marketing

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