Sanmenxia 2015 employment work was affirmed

to achieve innovation and development, must be accompanied by continuous self experience and upgrade. Sanmenxia summed up in 2015 to do poineering work, for the new year to guide the employment market.

2015, the city adhere to the implementation of the strategy of giving priority to employment and a more active employment policy, leading to innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment, promote public entrepreneurship, the employment of new breakthrough.

to put in the work to promote the employment of college graduates employment first, vigorously implement the college graduates “employment promotion plan” and “leading business plan”, and constantly improve the employment of college graduates entrepreneurship policy and service system, the implementation of the “three help” “special post plan” and other basic employment projects, and actively organize recruitment all kinds of activities to increase the employment of college graduates, the annual cumulative efforts to provide 12 thousand jobs for college graduates, employment trainee issued subsidies of 2 million 270 thousand yuan for 398 people, issued 93 million 230 thousand yuan for business loans of 1056 independent college graduates entrepreneurship.


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