Soft Wen writing Title Party should also have degrees


on May 16th, I went to the home page to see the music "Jolin and Kaneshiro Takeshi want to go to dirt". Of course, the webmaster basically knows the title of the party. This title is too humiliating. Is it really for the website traffic that you can let go of everything? What about the dignity of the website and the principles of the website?



and the first video commercials. "Rape", in addition to rape or rape?. Are you the first video that is this? You do what, let youngsters look at your ads, you do, people.

I think, soft Wen title party, focus on innovation, innovation must have degrees, need to be just right. After all, it’s about pretend, not to mention porn. In June 7th the webmaster forum a "massacre" by hao123, I think it is a successful soft Wen Title party. At the same time as it stood in the two on the shoulders of Giants: hao123 and Steamed Buns caused a "murder case". And the soft text is also good, the author is very clever to weave a story, he will fry for "her123 girl home page" pushed to a let people want to pay attention to her.

is currently saying that the wind of purification network, small station Baidu can frequently start, how many killed?. Can be large? And we try to be objective, such as watching video ads for a long time can purify it first.

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