Rookie webmaster on how to get rid of the engine site survival

himself is a rookie webmaster, just started building web site, but it was caused by interest. After about three or four months, one person contacted me and said to spend money and put an ad on my website. According to what the man said was the required method of trading, I registered Ali’s mother under his direction. The result may be many people think of, after a busy, the man disappeared. I was wondering, but later I knew he was only paying for that recommendation. But after this, I learned that the original personal website can also make money through some League platform, and then began to continue to copy some articles to your website.

after a hard copy after a period of time, finally I have more than 2000 IP website every day, through the alliance every month there are 400 yuan of income. It lasted about two months, and suddenly one day I found out that my website, IP, had only a few dozen left. At that instant, I was instantly covered. In a webmaster reminded, I checked the Baidu included, only a poor page. The friend told me that my website was unfortunately K. After the site was K, I started looking for solutions, but in any case, efforts failed to make Baidu change his mind. That stationmaster once once advised me to give up the website to restart the stove, but this is after all own first website, really can not bear to give up. Again in the Webmaster Help I began to use the QQ way of publicity for some QQ to hang some chat rooms, and set up automatic recovery for their website, so my site every day there are 1000 to IP.

, but this is not always the way to look at their website, only 1000 IP every day, but there is no trend of growth, I began to slowly anxious. In a webmaster group, a chance to listen to people say, increase user viscosity is kingly way. At that time, I used to understand why my website could not continue to grow, so it was the user who could not find my website once. So I made a forum for my website and set up a QQ group. Slowly, a month down, the Q group of websites from one to four, the site traffic also rose to 1500IP.

sees that this method works, but the rate of growth is too slow. I began to slowly analyze the cause of the problem, most of the traffic came from the QQ chat room, but there were many people who were not interested in the content of my website, so they never came back after they visited it. Now this is just simply rely on the chat room, I am afraid that the effect does not have what effect, and because most users do not agree with my website, so a month down except Alibaba income tens of dollars other Union basically did not have what income. It suddenly occurred to me that since someone else could put an ad on my website, why didn’t I try it?. So stop the QQ group propaganda, and began to put some ads to similar sites, probably only half a month down. My website IP has risen to 4>

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