The core competitiveness of the website pay attention to user experience

by the end of December this year, just China joined WTO for ten years, is China foreign trade business in a year of rapid development, China’s foreign trade scale expands continuously in the past 10 years, is to accelerate the development of China e-commerce, in 2001, the Alibaba’s global registered users only 1 million. As of November this year, the cumulative total number of registered users has reached 73 million 980 thousand, nearly 74 times the growth.

with all these years of rapid development of e-commerce, enterprises can see the importance of the Internet, if you want to have a good development in the future, build its own e-commerce website is imminent, through e-commerce website to improve the visibility of the enterprise, from the customer and, in a few years ago, if you do an electronic commerce website, as long as there is a good promotion methods it seems to bring very good marketing effect; but now, almost 80% of the enterprises are building their own e-commerce sites, which makes the competition, even if you have a good promotion methods if they might be less effective than before the.

at the moment, an e-commerce site is not the most important to the problem of promotion, the most important is to make the user experience, the user experience can do directly determines whether you can in the future fierce market to survive, can proceed from the following aspects, improve the user experience:

first: the user’s first impression should be good

is not a user to open a website to boarded a minute, unless your site is very important for him in general, if the user to open the site for more than 10 seconds, the user will not hesitate to leave off your web page, we can imagine that if a a website access speed is very slow, the user will make your site lose a lot, many e-commerce sites in order to achieve the best publicity, add flash video on the front page of the site, resulting in a long time the user can not open the page, this is not considered the performance of the user experience.

is the second after the user on your site, you have to let the user know in the shortest possible time to you this site in the end is what to sell things, since your website is an enterprise, sales of products must be your main purpose, so you don’t need to go straight to the user, secretive, good on your own, is also good, the last in the top right corner of the page position improve a search button that allows users to find the product he wants in the shortest time, can let users think your site is very professional.

second: provide the most valuable information


site must do the work of navigation, can let users when browsing the website, can accurately know their position, and the place in navigation, allowing users to reach our desired position at will within two steps, to improve the user a convenient >

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