Rookie site a month of real feelings

younger brother contact network is 4 years ago, when only know how to chat, play games, watch movies, until last year, has been playing their favorite Fantasy Westward Journey, and later because there is no time to sell the number. Really a little reluctant, after all, is playing a number of years, during the game played a lot of games, but no one is their favorite. Ha ha, sorry, pull far. Back to the topic, I never thought I would do it. So no attention has been paid to network technology. I’m tired of my job, so I surf the Internet to see if there’s any fun to play until this year……

after a big year, went to the original company to work. Younger brother is engaged in graphic design, so the time to do nothing all day on the Internet to see the film. Until one day, when I saw a friend with a website, let me open it and see what the speed is. I’m going to open it. I didn’t mind then. Then I was pulling my friend, and I had a bit of an impulse to do it. After asking some basic information about my friend, I started looking for information about the website on Baidu. No, I don’t know. I jumped for it. Some of the so-called industry nouns heard in a muddle. What HTML, what what server, DNS, feel really a frog. Listen to what friends say, just buy a domain name and space, the next source code, you can build a web site. It seems like it’s not easy to build a website. Then it took days to learn about space and the HTML language. After almost everything, I want to buy a domain name, because I like to watch movies, so I’m going to do a movie station, although there was any radio and television notice about the copyright of the film. But I don’t want that much. Go and buy a domain name (think a lot about the movie name, was accidentally found in the first video domain has an international domain name registration is not, should feel good, so I bought him down. Then go to the space store to buy space. But to Baidu search under the start, also want to buy nets, but the price of feeling was really too $$$, so did not buy into, then everywhere, looking for a good service provider (so far, do not know the future) not to mention here. Because listen to people say that Marx is easy to use, so go to Baidu search this program, down to the beginning.

built the station in a day’s time. But as a novice, there are many do not understand. So, if nothing changes, go to the lower template. Then the data began to collect. It was as if I had spent 1 days adding more than 10 thousand movies. It’s the backstage resource station riga. But listen to the people in the group say, "so Baidu doesn’t bird me.". Relatively change the content, so that there will be included in the possibility. I’m dizzy, the 10 thousand parts are changed every time, how long will it take to change? I suddenly feel weak. Forget it, just spend a day without hesitation and delete all the data. Because it is a repository, the same site is definitely a lot. So I don’t want to use it. Go to the resource station and add resources. After collecting a few, it was all added by hand. How many times did it take?

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