Social networking products sold through happy nets to see the onset of social products decline


what does a happy web look like in your own eyes,


before I read an article, the article is Jiagui bear memories, happy net first hot it seems very easy, "didn’t think we were hard or great, so the fire site."

, the chief architect of happy network, is also the first user of kaixin. In his eyes, happy net had been able to rise rapidly, is the earliest came from sina that a dozen people team, before Sina had accumulated enough technology and production capacity, so it is not very hard to develop happy net.

I believe Xiong’s view partly explains the success of Kaixin, after all, the social network was no longer blue ocean. But that doesn’t hide the linear reasons why many of the current product forms, user experience, business models, etc., are covered by the invisible technology.

‘s cold boot and "buddy laws" in social networking

because I’ve been running two projects in the medical and financial fields over the past two years, I’ve compared one to the happy one.

September 2014, a medical APP from the patient community transition to doctor-patient communication management tools, began to expand the medical community. 4 months later, nearly 70 thousand doctors were registered on APP. Data analysis shows that doctors interact with each other, and the recommendation information from the first doctors can affect doctors who are 12 degrees apart. The social network image of each user can directly influence the coverage, friends (such as friends and relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues) called once, past social network with six degree theory, by 6 people can find someone saying. 12 degrees means that influence has been passed to 12 people on the chain of friends.


this diagram is the result of user share and transformation data analysis

can see that the number of users in the social network is changing to the number of users in the social network. Users are becoming increasingly lazy, judging by actions (such as subscriptions and opening accounts), and growing reliance on recommendation from friends (sharing is one of the recommendations). The time saved is spent on good apps and services that friends recognize. This change and influence make big waste the norm.

instead of happy network, happy network not only limited the number of friends, but also set up a must go through your consent of the link, everyone concerned about me, I have to point to confirm. When my friend reached ten thousand, I received hundreds of games, push messages and hundreds of requests for confirmation from my friends every day. I have no way to check the information of the friends I want to pay attention to. Home page is also all of these friends chaos seven or eight

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