The continuous success of entrepreneurs

business is always difficult, and the success rate is not high, many people lose everything in exchange for entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and then return to the road to job seekers unable to get up after a fall. Take a look at the serial entrepreneur Wu Road of entrepreneurship, perhaps will bring you some inspiration.

When a student with

"is 2004 just the University got a Sanshiliangting month rent my first venture, each room is simple clean up, bought a few quilts, second-hand TV, air conditioning and water dispenser, then to 60 yuan / day rent for college students."

soon overwhelmed Xiao Wu will sushi processing, bring until the public venture, the highly innovative policy of the administrative examination and approval loose, with the two previous entrepreneurial experience truly open wu.

"in 2014, a few friends and I started to do some small projects. Will be hard, but the efficiency of the relevant departments than I opened a lot of time when the sushi shop. A project from the tender to the final OK soon. To change, have to drag on for months."

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