Taiyuan set up ten thousand yuan to start a new venture capital fund to help fund

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, Wang Jianlin speech at the University of Oxford, it made it clear that the need to find funds to venture, will flicker. In the public entrepreneurship, the people of innovation policy support, Taiyuan entrepreneurs can also get through venture capital funds.

2 24, 2009, Taiyuan entrepreneurship Association helped set up a ten thousand yuan to help fund entrepreneurship, the first venture to help fund a total payment of not more than $500 thousand. The fund is mainly for trademark patent, electronic commerce, services, intermediary, trade, business, and other industries to provide micro network assistance funds can provide not less than ten thousand yuan venture capital for helping entrepreneurs, for project investigation, business practice, office supplies purchase, team construction and technical exchanges, media publicity, hope to encourage more entrepreneurs to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship.

applicants can combine their own situation, choose to participate in the public training provided by the Taiyuan talent service center of small and medium-sized enterprises, upgrade the classification training through the practice of entrepreneurship, marketing management, technology, understand the project operation mode, through entrepreneurial talent assessment, enhance entrepreneurial awareness, enhance cultural entrepreneurship. With graduation certificate and talent assessment form can apply for entrepreneurial assistance funds, the need to explain the application of personal status quo, entrepreneurial projects, funds, etc..

assistance funds should not exceed 40% of the capital budget. When the application is required to carry out training certificate, project profiles, business practice and project sustainability report. Where business managers, technical personnel, entrepreneurs and employees can enroll in. Tel: 0351 – 2559594.

for helping entrepreneurs fund entrepreneurs, individuals can also participate in the collective can. It is reported that the venture capital funds mainly take government led, industry co-ordination, social participation, market operation mode of operation. Help fund to take the form of rolling support, in accordance with the principle of a mature one, to ensure the safety and efficiency of funds, improve the success rate can be applied within a year.

project is not perfect can supplement, operability is not strong by the entrepreneurial mentoring project selection, the association organized a professional organization to provide guidance, targeted services for entrepreneurs, to the small and medium-sized enterprise platform project, intermediary services, e-commerce, logistics, trade and other small express priority investment projects to provide support.

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