Huangdao Qingdao area to set up a platform for female entrepreneurs – Business ncubator

China’s women have gradually set up a sense of entrepreneurship, many female passengers boarded the entrepreneurial stage. Recently, the Qingdao District of Huangdao set up a business incubator for her mother, specifically for the entrepreneurial willingness of mothers to provide exclusive help.

it is reported that the Huangdao District Women’s Federation has developed a "mother incubator plan", the company responsible for the operation of cooperative store location and recruitment store staff, District Women’s Federation is responsible for the occupation qualification training, each street, town employment will mother registration by the company after passing the interview, by the Huangdao District Women’s Federation in Yuesao, nursing division, early education instructor training. After passing the training, and then in accordance with the requirements of the company nearby employment. Willing to engage in women or Yuesao nursery, the company will be free to recommend cooperation with family, hospital, confinement center demand in domestic service work.

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