Kitchen knife ten brands list

for Chinese families, the kitchen knife is always a tool can not be missing, because of this, will make the kitchen knife market has become so broad. In short, as a kitchen knife kitchen knife, not only to better use but also security. Now Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the ten major brands of kitchen knives, so you can choose to be more satisfied with the kitchen knife, so that the true love of the kitchen.

kitchen knife ten brands list NO.1, the eighteen sub: Yangjiang, the eighteen sub group, founded in 1983. The company’s flagship product, "Eighteen sons" by the State Administration for Industry and commerce as "China’s well-known trademarks," the Ministry of Commerce as the focus of the development and cultivation of export brands".

knife ten brand ranking, Zwilling NO.2 Zwilling: Zwilling has more than 2000 kinds of Stainless Steel Cutlery Tableware, cookware, kitchen utensils and personal care products, creating a modern kitchen concept, cooking has become a kind of enjoyment.

knife ten brands list, NO.3 Zhang Xiaoquan: Zhang Xiaoquan brand fame in 1663, is a time-honored brand in China, is currently the cutlery industry only A Well-Known Trademark in China.

knife ten brands list, NO.4 Wang Mazi: in 1651, the Chinese time-honored, the traditional forging techniques in the non-material cultural heritage, Chinese cutlery industry well-known brands, Beijing oak Chang Wang trade limited company.

knife ten brands list NO.5, SUPOR SUPOR: founded in 1994, Zhejiang province famous trademark, domestic utensils, kitchen appliances industry leader, large-scale cooker manufacturers, SUPOR Zhejiang Limited by Share Ltd.

kitchen knife ten brands list NO.6, ASD ASD: founded in 1978, Zhejiang province famous trademark, Zhejiang ASD electric appliance Limited by Share Ltd.

knife ten brands list NO.7, SLS: from 1735, ten tool brand, its products have a high reputation and visibility and reputation, Fujian Yongde limited shear knife.

knife ten brands list NO.8, xiaoxifu: famous brand in Guangdong Province, Guangdong province famous brand products, high-tech enterprises, domestic cutlery and kitchenware industry well-known brands, Yangjiang qiaoxifu kitchenware Co., ltd..

kitchen knife ten brands list NO.9, KYOCERA KYOCERA: founded in 1959 in Japan, the world’s top 500 enterprises, large multinational production enterprises, the industry’s top ten brands, KYOCERA (China) Trading Co., ltd..

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