14 year old broke into the Silicon Valley alone he developed the browser to subvert the Microsoft de

is not in Silicon Valley, soaking technology circle you can’t miss a film called "Silicon Valley" ". Why? Because it starts from the first episode to restore the height of venture company is how it started from the garage, how to walk all pit, continue to let insiders shouted, "this is the documentary



people love the "Silicon Valley" to take a joke, even TechCrunch, were recorded in the database only in the "Pied Piper company (Pied Piper)". Today we are the protagonist of the story "Blake ·"; Ross is no exception, in the second quarter of last year, "Silicon Valley" after the end, he even do it yourself to write a new episode of a written script, and received a flood of praise.

of course, writing the script is not Ross’s main business. Better known for his identity, is the founder of the Firefox browser. However, it should be hard to connect the big boys in the photo below with the "nightmare of Microsoft".


Internet supremacy for the first time

said before Ross and Firefox, you need to know for the first time in the history of an internet war: Netscape and Microsoft browser battle with vigour and vitality.

story began in the 90s of last century, people just on the Internet when there is demand, lack of software. 1994, the focus of the Netscape Co to do the birth of the browser, universal and smooth internet tool quickly opened the market. Less than 1 years, Netscape listing day shares soared 2.6 times. People have been, from praise to Microsoft become optimistic about netscape.


1994 Netscape browser

Gates, the beginning did not care, but with the Netscape thunder Sheng gradually, he realized that if they do not pay attention, may miss the huge traffic entrance, and Microsoft’s operating system will always be subject to the "internet".

at first, Gates would like to send Netscape under the command of income, negotiation, to the capital, the board of directors, did not think of Netscape without doing the entire disk program off the air. Then, he turned to allow engineers to fully develop the browser to make IE, then regardless of the anti-monopoly law, by binding the IE to sell computer to seize the market; and focus on iterative IE version, firepower for netscape.


IE1.0 Version (similar to pixel level approximation……


also keep up with the original Netscape Microsoft rhythm, then show lack of entrepreneurial company engineers, hopelessly outnumbered the decline. Not only developed a free version of windows IE, Netscape was released at the same time paid windows, Mac and Unix 3 versions. They can only be decided by the open source code, many "geeks" hand of the development of trapped >

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