Three counties and more initiatives for the protection of College Students Entrepreneurship

now everywhere in all ways to help and promote students’ entrepreneurial activities, which provide loans for college students and entrepreneurship training is the main way in Sichuan three counties for college students venture a one-time payment of 170 thousand yuan subsidy.

optimization services to support entrepreneurship. To strengthen the docking with the enterprise, according to the needs of employment, employment information released trick more than 20 by the county platform, large labor organization spring action fairs, ease the recruitment difficult problem; innovation "1+1" mode of training, carry out business projects on-site guidance, focus of helping more than 30 times, the organization of college student entrepreneurs 18 people go to the county to study modern agricultural knowledge and advanced experience, invited "innovation Sichuan – venture Trinidad Tour" to provide point-to-point, face-to-face visits business mentor for entrepreneurs.

in TV play gold stage entrepreneurship typical publicity programs to graduates free advanced individual business typical publicity more than 2000 volumes of books; a solid grasp of management activities, has recommended 5 candidates to participate in the contest, including 4 college student entrepreneurs. And open up a green channel for college students, in the center of the government to open a business service window for college students, and coordination of industrial and commercial, national tax, land tax, livestock and other departments on-site office, to achieve a one-stop business procedures.


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