How people look for opportunities to make money through the world cup

high-profile world cup has been a war of 10, although the China team missed the world cup, but the domestic businessmen is playing the world cup, the world cup has from sports events, evolve into the national sports carnival economy.

businesses for the "ball" and


businessmen to catch the world cup opportunities, it is all the brains, whether how much money, only businesses know that.

* sports hot

you cannot wear a suit for his love team cheer, shrewd businessmen who saw the selling point, the main push world cup products. Sporting goods stores will be the World Cup series of clothing, football, souvenirs placed in front of the most prominent position. Various styles of the team jerseys, the team used shoes, football is dazzling. Even the wholesale market, the self-employed are selling products related to the world cup, related accessories, toys, mascots are reminded that people are now the world cup time.


bar turned football.

bar consumption is relatively high for many people, the food stalls, night markets and other roadside stalls during the world cup business is very good, while drinking, while watching the ball, a lot of fans choice, smart boss in order to attract fans to purchase LCD TV, during the world cup revenue is four or five as usual.

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