Zheng Maoyuan and his business

a person’s shop business is booming, there must be some truth, after all, the industry is now so fierce competition. Zheng Maoyuan is such a business owner, he can get the current achievements, naturally with his "business" related, below, let us come to know his business.

Zheng Maoyuan is the owner of the Qingdao Jin Yuan store in Shandong, Chengyang. Bao Jin Yuan store opened in a residential area, do not look at the small store, business was quite full of sound and colour.

actually, just opened in 2014, because only want to run a large supermarket, but subject to site constraints, can not meet the needs of consumers, Zheng Maoyuan also took a lot of detours. Later, in the proposal of tobacco companies account manager, Zheng Maoyuan based on the community, the main consumer market in the community, to operate tobacco and daily necessities. At the same time, supplemented by beverage distribution business. This aspect of the competition is relatively small, and Zheng Maoyuan had done the beverage factory salesman, more familiar with the tobacco and alcohol consumption market.

now, treasure Jin Yuan store in the high-end liquor is very complete, almost all kinds of consumer demand to meet the residents of the district.

talked about how to serve the community residents, Zheng Maoyuan happy to talk about his business.

Limin, let people

now, district residents do move, get married or have children catering demand for large amount of liquor. However, residents are more concerned about the price, pay attention to the benefits, so when shopping will generally be more than three goods. Zheng Maoyuan use of the previous purchase channels, reducing the cost of the purchase of wine, so that residents benefit, so that consumers get benefits.

in addition to ensuring price concessions, Zheng Maoyuan will give customers some small gifts, residents have been affordable, will naturally form a word of mouth effect. A pass ten, ten pass 100 stores increase the influence of the business nature is a matter of course.

convenience, service to the people

At present,

is more and more serious, and the service becomes more and more important. To this end, Zheng Maoyuan deliberately purchased a portable electric tricycle, free of charge for the residents of residential delivery. Even if it is a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of wine, the customer to make a phone call, send a message asking for delivery, as long as the scope of service, Zheng Maoyuan will be the first time door-to-door.

door-to-door service not only brings convenience to the residents of the community, but also deepened the feelings of consumers, the store’s popularity more prosperous.

for the people, the heart of the people


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