How to choose the location of women’s clothing store

basic necessities of life, careful and every one is closely related, but how many people have a deep understanding of the women’s clothing industry? I am afraid that very few, so join the women’s brand store location choice, we need a lot of care yo.

In fact,

Import 2, women’s franchise to be open, you can better promote the shops, women’s propaganda actually is the most important thing in the shop, other such ads can save it. To consider the customer after entering the store can freely and comfortably browse products, the main line of the distance to 1.2M or more.

3, rent and lease women joined shop: high rent indeed increased operating costs, but also increase the operating pressure and the risk of investment projects must be done well, do not do see space location of gold business. If there is no diamond, do not embrace porcelain live. If it is initial lack of funds, and other areas have good location, as long as can be managed properly, too profitable.

4, passenger flow statistics and business competition situation is expected, mainly operating performance, the level of commodity prices. On the same lot of similar stores operating performance, can rent out the store preliminary estimates may produce profits; and investigate their merchandise price level, in order to determine their future price. These are very necessary.

5, women joined the design and effect of shop to do a good job, not in order to save 5000 and not to do, to clothing stores, sales is not only the place, is also a kind of personality of the show. The design style, props, lighting, and so on are all showing the quality of clothing, increasing the added value of clothing, and to the staff and customers to bring a pleasant feeling.

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