The 4 round of investment financing 1 billion love fresh bee is how to win in the field of O2O

these days, reports on O2O are all kinds of problems, the death list, financing and other negative news, if O2O really has entered a bottleneck in the development stage, but there is a start-up company, it not only is very stable, but also successfully got the financing, this is a great relationship with the development of it’s strategy.

O2O has maintained a low-key love fresh bee community electricity supplier days before C round of financing of $70 million. Investors include Hillhouse capital, venture capital, Ding capital day figure, Sequoia Capital and other investment institutions. It is reported that after the current round of financing, the near future will continue to have new financing announcement.

love bee CEO win

it is understood that the love of fresh bee in the beginning of May 2014 on the line to get 10 million yuan angel investment; in mid October, Sequoia Capital lead investor A round of financing of $20 million; at the beginning of 2015 completed B round of financing, valuation of $300 million; with the announcement of the C $70 million round of financing, the four round of investment has been the love of fresh bee the establishment of a year.

after obtaining a new round of financing, love fresh bee will continue to focus on the construction of the community store Internet system, becoming the world’s largest and most popular Internet chain convenience stores.

in fact, China’s convenience store business is still in the growth phase. China Franchise Association and Nomura Research Institute (Shanghai) Consulting Co. Ltd. joint "Chinese convenience store development report (2014)" shows the number of shops, convenience stores have statistics per million people, 388 in Japan, the Taiwan area is 425, China city average of 54. Compared to the family, Rosen, 7-11 and other well-known chain convenience stores, convenience stores in the country regardless of the quantity and quality are still a lot of room for growth.

at the same time, convenience store also has its own pain points: some from the supermarket and convenience store format transformation to common store area is too large, the Ping space to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of people greatly; some way to join the development of convenience stores, the average area of stores are relatively small, there are certain advantages in the rent and under the pressure of rising labor costs, but the ubiquitous commercial variety, the problem of low price.

for this reason, love fresh bee will pay more attention to the chain has not yet, the brand of the store business. Prior to this, the love of fresh bee CEO Zhang had publicly disclosed that the love of fresh bee has worked with thousands of stores to complete the cooperation of soft and hard shops upgrade technology. At present it has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Tianjin and other major city, users reached 5 million, daily orders stable at more than 100 thousand single, monthly water more than 100 million yuan.

love fresh bee pointed out that the reason why choose to cooperate with the store, because the store’s coverage of large, close to the distance between consumers, easier to support the convenience of home. This seems to coincide with the Japanese 7-11 founder Suzuki Minwen judgment: "large business flourishing, convenience stores.

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