Many entrepreneurial success

business is not so simple, but because the market can achieve their dreams, there are still many people are willing to do poineering work, some people may venture more than once, today the actor says is such a person, he is not afraid of failure, a total of 12 years of entrepreneurial 4 times, finally finally success, his story of infection many people also encourage more people who want to start a business.

12 4 venture finally successful

Liu Songlin was born with a golden key "80", but the reading age of rainy wear patched trousers; the three time he just run away, vowed to start empty-handed, but the most desperate to find a piece of money to buy instant noodles to house upside down, thought Dutch act.

he founded and in charge of management training group of more than 3 thousand people, they just graduated from junior high school, self-taught; he dreamed of become the richest man in the world, is now determined to put more than 95% of the assets donated to public welfare education, not to delay the child’s life of poverty.

Liu Songlin from the 1 million together to create investment, the group made management training industry leader, he made 7 years with the team. He told the financial weekly newspaper reporter, said: I was 16 years old to embark on the community, only to do this thing in the past 12 years, it is not worth showing off."

the first master of life is father

Financial Weekly: your family environment is very good, why drop out?

Liu Songlin: my family is in Jilin province Tonghua County, the town’s richest man, the father is a very good entrepreneur. But he had a strong character, so he and I often fight, the two men of the contest, Diamond cuts diamond. Mother is very soft, I am close to my mother.

I was monitor, outstanding young pioneers, quite has the aura of the father, but did not feel that reading what, graduated from junior high school will not let reading, I fell a knot. But he could say "fuck, you get out, I was sixteen seven years old very rebellious, roll on roll, and went out to sell, open the barber shop, selling buddha. Now mature, rebellious mentality gradually less, but still do not admit defeat.

Financial Weekly: now contradictory to resolve it? Poly into the business he will give advice?

Liu Songlin: early care, but do not interfere with me, this father did very well. I went to more than and 400 classes, and finally summed up what I learned from the masters, and found that the first master of my life was my father.

he told me is very strict, never spoiled, junior middle school in 1994 at the age of 14, a rainy day let me wear patched trousers, are afraid of the exercises when the students laugh. My father is very thrifty

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