What are the reasons for the failure of food and beverage business


we are talking about a day in the catering industry was compared, but every day by the catering market out of the food and beverage industry, too many to count, we should learn from it, to sum up the experience in the wrong, he will avoid making the same mistakes, the only way to keep learning, to go further in the catering industry.

what are the reasons for the failure of food and beverage business? There may be the following:

first, do bad marketing

in a sense, the present era is an era of marketing, no matter what the product is the need for marketing, this is the performance of the market is the best job to find the market. In fact, the catering industry is to do marketing, because it is an era of information era, a variety of information overload, marketing ways and means at the same time on the network that many restaurant business is hot, so do the marketing, this is the trend of the times, to the development of the restaurant.

second, did not do a good job

In fact,

is a good product industry catering industry, a restaurant must be honest, no good product, what products are not natural features, no one to buy, and now consumers are very focused on product quality, a poor quality of natural products not welcome! This is an important reason many restaurants closed.

third, customers can not really share

is now the boss pays much attention to the power circle of friends, because this can let your restaurant have more people know, the restaurant is also a very good publicity, so many bosses are racking their brains to publicity, but many bosses are used to share my circle of friends preferential way, this way is the result is not good that is because consumers who rushed to the preferential, not your restaurant, and forwarded to the circle of friends, nor what reflect the restaurant. Simply can not brush burst circle of friends, the boss is a good boss to make things surprise customers, customers will take the initiative to share, so that sharing is more meaningful.

fourth, service general

in the service on the characteristics of the need to say that the sea fishing, the brand can be so successful in such a fierce market, is the test of enthusiastic and attentive service. Which closed restaurants have much to do service, are very general service, sometimes even a chill.

these are those who have already closed shop mistakes, this restaurant is not buy it, can only choose to put up the shutters


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