We really love winter capital is a good thing for me

One of the starting points of the

Party’s love choice project sounds a little emotional – "see if I want to eat with him / her.". "But in real before she was completely rely on the data to analysis judgment of investment bank.

has been evaluated, saying that women are not suitable for investment, because men are more conservative. According to Fang Aizhi, at present the proportion of Chinese female investors at least more than 20%, but for the sex label that she was not willing to accept: "I will not because of an entrepreneur is a woman will pay more attention to her, I don’t think I will know more women as girls than boys in the market. "

in business for 5 years, participants love a number of well-known investment projects, including the little red book, honey bud, steel mesh, car to refuel, klaeng dark pupil and so on, as the "2016VC" in the "list of investors annual influential annual impact investors" candidates through the interview we show the real growth and change the young investor.

Q: in the environment of "capital cold winter", do you think the work is affected by


side of love: the capital of winter is actually a good thing for us, a lot of VC at this stage will be cool down, which gives us a lot of opportunities to invest in angel. If there is no capital cold winter, a lot of VC will actively invest, will cover the early point of the project, and now they are more cautious investment decisions, so that we have more opportunities. We also encountered a small capital in 12 years of cold winter, I later found a lot of good projects are thrown out at that time, one of the reasons is that these projects have not been eaten by other institutions.

Q: you have invested in a number of well-known projects, such as little red book, honey bud, which is the impression of a deep


love: Honey bud pretty deep impression, Liu Nan was looking for Xu teacher consult some things, some people proposed to buy her Taobao shop, Mr. Xu think she was particularly good, let us vote, everyone had some doubts about this project is good, we also went to see the operation data of her Taobao store. Feel with other Taobao stores are not too big difference.

we say with Xu teacher, why are you so interested in this project, Xu teacher very angry, said, you see Liu Nan himself. Later, we found out that she really understand the electricity supplier.

it’s a very deep impression on me. At that time, it was difficult to prove that she would do so successfully.

Q: what was your first impression of Liu Nan?

side of love: actually a little shock, Xu teacher said she looks like the goddess of mercy, ha ha. When I was chatting with Sequoia investors, business logic feel she has a deep understanding, she is also a very good KOL, then she had the baby, she knew what the baby needs, what brand is good.

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