What needs to pay attention to the relocation of shops

shop relocation, how should you do? Everyone knows that the relocation of shops is a troublesome thing, the need to pay attention to a lot of problems. Some good shops in the sale of sales after the removal of a straight line, no longer in the past bustling. You know, in the relocation of the shop to do a good job in order to avoid such a phenomenon. I will be in the course of the relocation of the shops need to pay attention to some of the details of the store into the relocation of the memorandum, for your reference.

"moving forward"


store relocation will cause loss of tourists. In order to reduce the loss, we must do a good job of publicity before moving. One or two months before the relocation, the owner can be posted inside and outside the shop relocation notice. For some loyal customers, the owner will also be the location of the new store, telephone number, etc.. Customers know the location of the new store, it is possible to patronize the store.


relocation in the store, the relocation of the inventory of goods is a very important work. There are many kinds of goods in the retail store, in order to facilitate the smooth opening after the relocation, inventory must be good inventory.

first to classify the goods. In the previous move, according to the nature of the goods will be divided into several types, such as cosmetics, non-staple food etc.. Then the goods will be packed in different packages. Special attention should be paid to the wine and other fragile goods to take appropriate protective measures, so as not to cause damage in the relocation process, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.

in the classification of goods at the same time pay attention to three points. First, do a good job inventory records, in order to provide reference for the purchase of new stores. Two is to carry out the appropriate cleaning of the goods. For the packaging of the goods to be sorted out, to give appropriate treatment; cast dust on the goods to be cleaned; overdue deterioration of the goods to be discarded. Otherwise, when the new store opened, customers see the goods covered with dust or packaging, will leave a bad impression. The three is to do a good job in the packaging of goods on the mark, so that after the removal of the inventory in a timely manner to prevent loss.


new sites are identified, the operator should handle relevant and original store settlement as soon as possible. If the original shop is leased, the operator shall pay the rent to the owner in accordance with the provisions of the lease contract. Prior to the formal removal of the shop, the operator should be approved by a variety of water, electricity and other data, timely and relevant departments settlement costs.

change certificate

stores moved to the new site, tobacco monopoly retail license and some other business documents have to change. In order not to affect >

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