The use of nternet plus big data the first set of BOSS direct hire.

Guilin will promote entrepreneurship employment, using Internet plus big data, the latest information to entrepreneurs more, the first set of BOSS direct hire area, but also provide a better platform for employment and Entrepreneurship of people.

3 5, the Guilin municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, Guilin national hi tech Zone   host Qixing District People’s government, the Guilin talent service management office, Guilin national hi tech Zone Qixing District Bureau of human resources and social security.

SME Service Center

to enter the venue, all kinds of job personnel can see real-time updates of the pay trend, post demand distribution, the number of enterprises, the demand for Jobs Recruitment ranking and other relevant data at the conference site on the LED screen. In order to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation vitality, the city community sector to "service enterprises, service personnel" as the theme of the conference, the newly opened enterprise service area, service area, the integration of service resources and projects, to carry out precise docking services; make full use of the "Internet plus big data, on the information industry to achieve a key to access, to achieve accurate docking people post information.

The first set of


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