Entrepreneurial incentives business incubation base Park highest prize 10 million yuan

Business incubator

based in Qingdao, has a very favorable policies to support entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in the park will be awarded up the highest 10 million yuan, for entrepreneurs to greatly reduce the threshold for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial dreams what people still hesitate?

to encourage and support all departments and social forces to participate in the business incubator (Park) construction, the city and Social Council, the Municipal Finance Bureau yesterday released the "Qingdao city human resources and Social Security Bureau Park Business Incubator and entrepreneurial management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures").

"measures" on the business incubator base and entrepreneurial mode of construction, function, standard, premium standards should be clearly. Among them, the city level directly identified by the municipal business incubator demonstration base and entrepreneurial demonstration park, the city gave the highest 5 million yuan financial award. To direct the purchase or lease of real estate development has been idle as the park business incubator and entrepreneurial, municipal premium standards increased to a maximum of 10 million yuan each.

"measures" for the first time in our city business incubators and Venture Park is divided into municipal, district (city) level,   Street (town) three levels of classification management, and the municipal, district (city) level demonstration base business incubator and entrepreneurial demonstration park in the construction area, settled venture entity the number of households and the employment rate, the standard base settled rate, business entity survival rate, hatching success and be refined.

the incubation medium recommended level

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