Contact lens care liquid ten brands list

people who wear contact lenses should know that care is really important. For this reason, the rapid development of the large market in contact lenses, contact lens care solution market has also been a great development, the birth of more and more brands. Next, let Xiaobian for you to contact lens care liquid ten brand list, so that consumers can have a better choice.

contact lens solution ten NO.1 brand rankings, proud drop: founded in 1947, the world’s biggest eyecare company, ten nursing liquid (Chinese) brand, Alcon ophthalmic products Co., ltd..

contact lens solution ten NO.2 brand rankings, Almighty COMPLETE: international well-known nursing liquid brand, global ophthalmic medical equipment pioneers, ten nursing liquor brands, Allergan (Shanghai) medical trading company limited.

contact lens solution ten brands list NO.3, Bausch & Lomb: joint venture by the United States and Beijing Bausch & Lomb factory in 1991 608 enterprises, the world’s top 500 brands, Beijing boshilun eye care products co..

contact lens solution ten NO.4 brand rankings, specializing in the production of the first China Haichang: soft contact lenses contact lenses of foreign-funded enterprises, ten brands, industry famous brand, Konecranes Co. ltd..

contact lens solution ten NO.5 brand rankings, CIBA Vision CIBAVision: Ten invisible glasses brand, global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry multinational group, a world-class leader in optical and ophthalmic products, Shanghai CIBA Vision Trading Co. ltd..

contact lens solution ten brand list NO.6, P2 drops run: the world famous contact lens care products manufacturer is one of Asia’s most influential contact lens care product manufacturers, Singapore Opto-Pharm Pte Ltd.

contact lens solution ten brands list NO.7, the world’s largest Wei Kang: Turning invisible glasses of production and sales, specializing in glasses manufacturing enterprises, Shanghai Weikang optical glasses Co Ltd.

contact lens solution ten brands list NO.8, Sha Fulong Sauflon: founded in the UK in 1985, worldwide contact lens care products and medical products manufacturer, Chinese agent: Shanghai Ke Lan optical glasses Co Ltd.

contact lens solution ten brands list NO.9, Igel Aijue: Asia’s largest manufacturing > contact lenses