Cattle teach you to open a successful male jewelry store online

good development prospects in the jewelry industry, many entrepreneurs have opened a jewelry store, and the men of the jewelry store is not much, so the male jewelry industry potential is amazing, an expert on the discovery of this wealth.

expert to teach you the fun fashion jewelry shop! Every morning, the first thing more than bamboo after washing, is to open their own online store, check the customer message, just after breakfast to order delivery.

although only sell male jewelry, but with fashion style, affordable price, shop monthly can bring her million income. From the initial part of the shop to earn extra money, and now full-time to do shop, more than relying on their own bamboo sharp market sense of smell, accurate product positioning and good after-sales service, the shop business done fast.

"the first month only 5 deal." Yu Zhu said that the reason is very simple, the picture is not good enough to reflect the beauty of jewelry. To this end, she went to the studio to ask photographers photography skills, all accessories with the lights, the background to take pictures, new photos uploaded, the business has improved significantly.

expert to teach you the fun fashion jewelry shop purchase three tips for


first, find the star models. Online shopping is mostly young people, most of them have their own idols, therefore, the selection of those who wear the popular star is absolutely not wrong. Secondly, looking for hot money. Sell good jewelry favored by the general public, follow the trend of the purchase will not be wrong, but should pay attention to avoid the backlog. Third, to refer to the recommendations of wholesalers.

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