9 kinds of liquor can not do to join agents

after a period of low tide, China’s liquor market began to rise gradually, although the high-end liquor market has shrunk, but there is still a good profit. Many investors have begun to enter the field of liquor agents.

in the market a good situation, consumers seeking to join liquor agents who sell things to liquor agents to join, as long as you can from the liquor agent headquarters to get the goods, can earn money, all the liquor agents to join seem to be regressed donghonghong liquor agents. But the market downturn, but also may have been down, then, what kind of liquor to join agents may be eliminated?

1, relying on liquor to join the agency headquarters support

This kind of common pet phrase

2, shuaishouzhanggui

everything regardless of the shuaishouzhanggui. Because the liquor agents to earn some money, the business entrusted to family or relatives, they lead a gay life. As long as you can make money, how the market situation does not matter. Wait until the discovery has not make money, the market has been hopeless.

3, sky pie type

from top to bottom of the staff all like white-collar workers don’t know the change of geometry of the market, sell some of the products is pleased with oneself, at the computer all day watching the landlords boring video and news, play WeChat chat, the old thinking one day brand big reputation, a perfect product, you can also make money. In fact, the agent does not know the liquor to join the brand is the need to accumulate, the success of the need to accumulate more.

4, blame no market type

in the liquor agents to join the mouth often say a word that, now the market is not good. In the mouth of the liquor dealers in the mouth every day is a negative, decadent, lazy language lexical signals. Only know that they do not know the market to explore the trajectory of heave great sighs.

5, drag slow

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