2 billion 400 million yuan of special subsidies for affordable housing construction

Recently, our province issued in 2015 the province’s urban housing projects to protect the central and provincial 2 billion 419 million 170 thousand yuan of special funds earmarked for urban low income family housing rental subsidies, public rental housing and city shantytowns. Among them, issued 776 million 550 thousand yuan in Xining City, East Sea city 382 million 830 thousand yuan, 186 million 520 thousand yuan Haibei Haixi Prefecture, 148 million 20 thousand yuan, Hainan 75 million 640 thousand yuan, Huangnan 311 million 430 thousand yuan, 170 million 350 thousand yuan in Yushu Prefecture, 167 million 80 thousand yuan.According to the 2015

the housing safeguard work arrangements, this year our province plans to build urban low-income housing in shantytowns, a total of 85 thousand units (households); basically completed 40 thousand and 200 units (households); the new low rent housing rental subsidies 5 thousand. At the end of May, has started more than 3 units, nearly 40% operating rate.

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